Perennial Vegetables: Get the Book Directly from Author Eric Toensmeier

Sources of Plants and Seeds


Perennial vegetables can be hard to find. The nurseries and seed companies that stock them are usually small and run by highly dedicated enthusiasts. In some cases only one or two companies in North America offer the species you are looking for. Be prepared for some quirky or technical catalogs – but ones that are chock-full of fascinating plants.


Someday more perennial vegetables may be available through mainstream companies. While this will help many more people grow them, please don’t forget the pioneering companies and organizations that first made these crops available to you.


During the course of writing Perennial Vegetables, two of the finest perennial vegetable nurseries – Oregon Exotics and Future Foods – went out of business. This should be a lesson to us all not to hold back on ordering something rare, because it may be very difficult to find again if a company goes under.

Several books and organizations can help you track down rare plants and seeds. Check out:


Andersen Horticultural Library Plant Information Online.

Free online subscription service, helping you find sources for 88,000 species from over 700 sources. Online at


Cornucopia: A Sourcebook of Edible Plants. Steven Facciola.

Listing of 3,000 species and thousands more varieties of edible plants, cross-linked to over 1,300 companies and institutions that offer them. BUY THIS BOOK

 Garden Seed Inventory: An Inventory of Seed Catalogs Listing All Nonhybrid Vegetable Seeds Available in the United States and Canada

Listing of commercially available vegetable cultivars, compiled by Seed Saver’s Exchange. Sixth edition features 8,500 varieties and over 250 seed companies and nurseries. BUY THIS BOOK


The Seed Search. Karen Platt.

Book and online resource with sources for over 43,000 species and varieties. BUY THIS BOOK


North American Sources


AgroHaitai Ltd.

Asian vegetables including fragrant spring tree, water spinach, and winged bean.

J.D. Andersen Nursery

Tremendous banana selection for California.

 Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Many perennial vegetables including such rarities as daylength-neutral winged beans, green hyacinth beans, and goldenberry. 


Bamboo Garden Nursery

Hardy bamboos.



Bamboo Headquarters

Excellent selection of bamboos for California.

 The Banana Tree

Specializing in unusual tropical plants including many banana varieties as well as air potato.


Edible Plant Project

Volunteer-run nursery propagating useful perennials adapted to northern Florida. Sales through Gainesville farmers market.


Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization (ECHO)

ECHO is one of the best sources for tropical perennial vegetables. Their seed company ships anywhere, but unfortunately to get plants from their nursery you need to go there in person. ECHO has a wider selection of rare useful plants that are shipped free to development projects in developing countries, but are not available elsewhere due to limited seed availability.

 Evergreen YH Enterprises

Asian vegetable seeds including many perennials.

 Fedco Seeds

Sunchokes, shallots, good king Henry, and more.


Florida Bamboo Company

Clumping bamboos for tropical and subtropical Florida. Not mail-order.

Heronswood Nursery

Fascinating collection, including udo and fuki.

J.L. Hudson

“Native plants from around the world,” including chufa and others. Authors of Invasion Biology: Critique of a Psuedoscience.

 Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Wide range of vegetables, including many perennials.


Lilypons Water Gardens

Aquatic vegetables like water celery and arrowhead.


Moore Water Gardens

Fine selection of edible aquatic plants.

Mountain Gardens

Large collection of useful plants.

Occidental Arts and Ecology Center

Many species adapted to California, including tree collards and Andean root crops. On-site sales only.

Perennial Pleasures

Hardy perennials, including a superior skirret clone.

Peters Seed and Research

Breed their own unique varieties. Perennial grains and brassicas.

 Plant Delights Nursery

“Tropicalesque” hardy plants for colder climates.

Pond Plants and More

Aquatic vegetables including water mimosa and water chestnut.

 Richters Herbs

Fantastic catalog offering many perennial vegetables.

Rivenrock Gardens

Specializing in spineless nopale cactus varieties.

Sand Hill Preservation Center

Many neat crops, including incredible diversity of sweet potato varieties.

Seeds of Diversity Canada

Sea kale, skirret, groundnut, and more.

Seed Savers Exchange

Grassroots network of seed savers, who share seeds and plants by mail. The “Miscellaneous” section of their annual yearbook includes many rare perennial vegetables. Joining SSE is highly recommended! SSE also has a much more limited commercial catalog of seed varieties for sale, don’t confuse this with their full listing of thousands of varieties which is only available to members. Listing an astounding 11,848 varieties in 2006.

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

Collection of varieties adapted to the hot, humid South, including multiplier onions.

Sow Organic Seed

Andean tubers and more.

 Taro and Ti

Specializing in edible taro varieties, including low-oxalate “luau leaf” types needing only minimal cooking.

Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants

Crops grown by Jefferson, including edible hibiscus and heirloom lima and scarlet runner varieties.

 Tripple Brook Farm

Great selection of cold-hardy useful plants, many perennial vegetables.

 Underwood Gardens

Many interesting plants, including cranberry hibiscus.

USDA Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN)

National collection of plant materials for hundreds of crops and thousands of wild crop relatives. Free seeds and plants available for research purposes (including backyard research). Includes rarities like saltbush and earthnut pea.

 Van Bourgondien

Source for the daylength-neutral mashua cultivar ‘Ken Aslett’.

Van Engelen Inc.

Bulk bulb purchases; excellent camass prices.



Agrinom LLC

Authors of the excellent Tropical Perennial Vegetable series (see Bibliography). On-site sales only.

Gaia Yoga Nursery

Breadfruit, bamboos, perennial leaf crops, and more.

La’Akea Gardens

Permaculture nursery featuring many perennial vegetables.




Agroforestry Research Trust

Research center with nursery and seed company featuring useful plants for cool temperate climates.

B & T World Seeds

Unbelievable seed company offering 35,000 listings. If no one else has it, B&T usually does, though it may take them a while to track it down.

Chiltern Seeds

Many species including good king Henry and sea kale.

Doubleday Research

Rare seeds available to members, including branching bush kales like ‘Dorbentons.’

Earthcare Enterprises

Great bamboos, achira, taro, cassava, water chestnut, and more.

Herb Garden and Historical Plants Nursery

Many interesting plants, including saltbush and wild cabbage.


Poyntzfield Herb Nursery

Offerings include sea kale, oca, mashua.