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Arid and Hot

Arid and Hot: The Southwest

This region covers the low and mid-elevation deserts and hot drylands of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and southwestern California. This region corresponds with USDA Zones 8–10 and Sunset Zones 10, 12, 13, 29, and 30.

This region can grow all the species listed for the Hot and Humid zone if sufficient irrigation is provided. In addition, the following species are drought-tolerant.

Perennial in all of the Arid and Hot zone without substantial irrigation:

Atriplex halimus saltbush

Cnidoscolus spp. bull nettles

Opuntia spp. spineless nopale cactus

Perennial without irrigation in warmer parts of the Arid and Hot zone, or perennial with protection. Most of these species can also be grown as annuals in the colder parts of this zone.

Cnidoscolus chayamansa Stingless’ chaya (as dieback perennial)

Dolichos lablab hyacinth bean

Manihot esculenta cassava

Moringa oleifera moringa (as a dieback perennial)

Moringa stenopetala moringa (as a dieback perennial)

Phaseolus lunatus Lima bean

Tegragonia tegragonioides New Zealand spinach