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For the purposes of this book I have divided the United States and Canada into eight basic climate types. Here you will find summaries of each climate type and the species best suited for cultivation there. Some species are hardy throughout the entire area of the climate type. Others will grow only in the warmer (or sometimes colder) portions, or will only survive with protective mulch or in a microclimate. Species that can be grown as annuals (but not perennials) are also included for each climate type.







Climat Map



Extreme Cold: High Mountains and Frozen Northlands

Cold Temperate: East, Midwest, and Mountain West

Cool Maritime; The Pacific Northwest

Hot and Humid: The Southeast

Arid and Hot: The Southwest

Mediterranean and Mild Subtropical: Coastal and Southern California

Tropical Lowlands: Hawaii and South Florida

The Hawaiian Upland Tropics


Please note that these ratings are somewhat speculative and should not be treated as though carved in stone by any means.