Perennial Vegetables: Get the Book Directly from Author Eric Toensmeier

About the Book

Perennial Vegetables: From Artichoke to ‘Zuiki’ Taro, a Gardener’s Guide to Over 100 Delicious, East-to-Grow Edibles.

By Eric Toensmeier

Chelsea Green, 2007

Perennial Vegetables is the only book available that focuses exclusively on this unique but neglected group of plants.

No matter where you garden, this book has crops and techniques that will work for you – from suburban backyards to urban community gardens, from the tropics to the Canadian Rockies, and everywhere between. Beautiful photographs and illustrations, along with helpful tables, make these crops come alive.

The book covers design ideas (like edible landscaping), selecting species, and special techniques (such as production of aquatic vegetables, and strategies for preventing plant diseases). Over 100 plant species are reviewed in detail (with sample species profiles provided), including climate, water and light preferences, pest & disease issues, propagation, harvest and storage, and more.

A section on perennial vegetables for each climate type found in the U.S. and Canada provides a great place to start. Other features include extensive lists of recommended readings and sources to find these sometimes elusive plants.

Ordering Perennial Vegetables provides you (or the recipient of your gift) with more than just great growing information – you can become part of a movement to develop nutritious landscapes all around us, with low-maintenance perennial fruits, nuts, vegetables, and other crops providing for human needs and for the environment in a sustainable fashion. This movement to develop “permaculture” systems for each region is still new, but holds promise – if backyard experimenters like yourself plug in and make it happen.